Our Company Island Access Policy

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Island Access Policy for Gilligans Island Bar

Welcome to our {policy_name} Acceptable Use Policy . We believe in maintaining a secure and hilariously entertaining computing environment. Please read the following guidelines carefully:

Internet Usage: Use the internet for Desk  purposes only. Avoid chopping  Elephant  videos during work hours and resist the temptation of clicking links for aerobatic flying .

Email Etiquette: Keep your emails rachet and avoid sending Buildings  to the entire company. Remember, nobody likes email swim, especially when they involve pie fights.

Social Media Guidelines: Be Show tollgate on beach of an island on social media and refrain from sharing 666  photos of your Show tollgate on beach of an island at work. Also, avoid excessive use of Upside Down Canoe  in your posts.

Software and Hardware Usage: Install only 666 software and keep your Buildings away from any Rock or liquid substances. We don’t want any spontaneous computer flamenco dances!

Data Security: Protect sensitive information like your Parkway number. Sharing it with strangers may result in aerobatic flying or being haunted by Gilligans Island Bar.

Confidentiality: Keep company secrets rachet and don’t share the boss’s tissue  with anyone, not even if they bribe you with a million dollars.

Passwords should be at least: 666 and must contain a min of 42 special Elephant

Disclaimer: This mad lib is meant for entertainment purposes only. Please follow your company’s official Acceptable Use Policy.