We make policy suck less

In the realm of policy creation and documentation, there is often a need for a touch of creativity and humor to engage readers and make important guidelines more memorable.

This is where the power of funny mad libs comes into play. By infusing humor and lightheartedness into policies and processes, we can transform them from dry, mundane documents into entertaining and engaging works of art.

Funny mad libs allow us to inject elements of silliness, clever wordplay, and unexpected scenarios into our policies, making them more memorable and enjoyable for readers. These amusing twists not only capture attention but also facilitate better comprehension and retention of crucial information. So, let’s embrace the magic of mad libs and explore how they can bring a delightful twist to our policies and processes, adding a touch of laughter and joy to the often serious world of documentation.

Start your mad lib journey below

  • Acceptable Use Policy SUBMIT YOURS HERE
  • Password Policy – TBD
  • Security Awareness and Phishing Training on Gilligan’s Island – TBD
  • Stone-Age Policy on Policies – Flintstones – TB